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Relexation of corona measures

Date of news: 11 October 2021

Library of Science Neon-7524 640

The Campus & Facilities Division has implemented a number of relaxations based on decisions made by the Executive Board. We have made an overview.

Opening hours


  • All workplaces in the Library of Science are available again for students. The workplaces in wing 2 (directly right after enterning) can be reserved. More information about reservations.
  • The group workplaces are all available again. You can use these rooms  with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 persons. You do not have to reserve the group workplaces.
  • We lend out laptops, powerbanks, cables and headphones. Other items, such as ear buds, writing pads etc., are for sale in the vending machine across from the service desk.

Collection, borrowing and returning

  • You can get books from the Library of Science from the shelves yourself and borrow them using your campus card at the lending machine at the service desk.
  • Consult our e-book collection of compulsory textbooks from home.
  • Use RUQuest to request books from home you would like to borrow or consult. You will receive an email once the books are available for you. You can pick them up at the library location you selected.
  • You can borrow and return books via the lending machine.
  • You can return borrowed books from all library locations. We will deliver them at the right location.


Our information specialists still work partly from home and are available for questions and appointments.
Of course you can also go to our colleagues at the Service Desk. 
Or contact us through infobfac@ubn.ru.nl. We are happy to help you.