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Open access publishing fundings

Often, possibilities are available to publish in open access without (too much) extra costs. We will list them below.

Open access deals with publishers

The Dutch universities have so-called Read & Publish deals with important scientific publishers. Corresponding authors from Dutch universities can publish open access in thousands of journals, within the deals, at no extra cost.

Participating publishers can be found in our Open Access overview.
In the Journal Browser you can search for journal titles to see if there are discount options.

Research funders

The research funders not only set requirements for open access publishing, but also offer funding options.

The policy of the major funders at a glance:

  1. The European Union requires you to make your publication available in open access. They accept an embargo period of a maximum of 6 months for the Sciences.
    More information about the Horizon 2020 Guidelines.
    The link to information about Horizon Europe.

  2. The European Research Counsel has made open access publishing of peer-reviewed versions mandatory for ERC grants awarded from 2014 under Horizon 2020 working programs. This also applies to monographs.
    More information about ERC & open access.

    The European Commission launched Open Research Europe in 2021. Scientific publications that are the result of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe funding can be published on this open access platform.
    The publication can be published open access free of charge. It concerns several types of scientific publications, such as articles, methods and essays. Open Research Europe is not a repository. It must explicitly concern original publications with scientific results based on the aforementioned funding. The publication must not have already appeared elsewhere.
    More information about Open Research Europe.
  3. NWO requires scientists they funded to make their publication available in open access worldwide. They do not accept an embargo period. This applies to (peer-reviewed) articles and books (monographs, edited volumes, proceedings and chapters). NWO prefers to publish directly in fully open access journals.
    More information about the NWO guidelines.
    NWO has an Open Science Fund since December 2020. You can apply for financial support here, not only for open access publishing, but also for sharing other research results in open science.

  4. ZonMw wants project results to be open access as soon as possible.

The Sherpa Juliet-database provides an overview of the requirements for open access publishing per research funder.

Radboud Repository

This is a database with scientific publications by scientific authors from Radboud University and Radboudumc. The full texts of thousands of publications are included here. Most are freely accessible worldwide and easy to find. They are harvested by important search engines such as Google (Scholar) and Narcis, the scientific database of Knaw and NWO. This makes publications visible worldwide and increases the chance of citing.

The Library of Science employees supply a lot of full text for the Radboud Repository. You can also upload your pre or post print yourself. These versions may be published in open access more often than the publisher version. The employees of the University Library check the copyright.

This video will give you more information on how this works.

RR screenshot filmpje

Your publications open access even faster? Join "You share, we take care"!

Based on the Taverne amendment (article 25 fa), Dutch copyright law gives scientists the opportunity to publish the publisher's version of their scientific articles in open access six months after the first online publication. Let us know if you want to participate!

Together with the other Dutch universities, we are working on the 'You share, we take care!' project. About 100 scientists from Radboud University and Radboudumc are already enthusiastically participating. Their publications are published open access in the Radboud Repository and are easily found worldwide via Google (Scholar) and other search systems.

Are you also interested and do you want to know more? We are happy to make an appointment for a personal meeting. If desired, this can be done online or face-to-face. You decide whether and with which publications you will participate. Employees of the University Library will arrange this for you. It does not create any extra work for you.

Do you have any questions or would you like to participate and do you need more information? Please let us know. We are happy to help.
Team Library of Science