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Nijmegen School of Management

NSM Library TeamAbout the NSM Library Team

Our job is to assist students, researchers and teaching staff of all disciplines of the Nijmegen School of Management. We are here to help and teach you to:

  • search and locate literature
  • use (library) search engines and databases more efficiently
  • manage and cite your sources
  • retrieve financial, statistical, quantitative data

Need literature or (economic) data?

Use RUQuest to quickly find books & journal articles available through the University Library's subscriptions. You also need RUQuest to find the call number for locating the bookshelf where the item is stored. When RUQuest shows an item is available at the location 'Nijmegen School of Management' you need to come by at the MSc Servicedesk on the first floor of the Management Study centre (MSc) in the Elinor Ostrom building.

We refer to our Library Subject Guides as your starting point for collecting the literature, data and tools you need for writing a paper or conducting a data (analysis) project:

Need help?

mail-enveloppe infofm@ubn.ru.nl

Elinor Ostrombuilding
(Gymnasion Noord)
locatiepinRoom 01.545 
clock-1292829_640 Mo-Fri: 8.30 -17:00

Student BE311A Ask Your Librarian

locatiepin Coffeecorner Central 
      Library(1st floor)
clock-1292829_640 Mo-Thu: 11:00-14:00

Literature available at the Management Study Centre (Elinor Ostrom building)

At the MSc Service desk in the Management Study centre (MSc) you can request mandatory exam literature to consult at the Nijmegen School of Management location. You are allowed to use the books in exchange for your student card as long as the books remain inside the Management Study Centre. The following types of publications are available through the MSc.

Off campus digital library access

Do you need access to the online resources available through the University Library?