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In the spotlight: Week of Classics - Populism and Propaganda in the Roman World

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Whether during the municipal elections or the invasion of Ukraine, propaganda and politics are inextricably linked. In Roman times, too, words and images mattered and politicians made good use of them to mobilise their supporters or blacken their opponents. On the other hand, they also had to take into account all the different groups and sentiments in society.

Digital exhibition

How that mechanism (also) worked in those days is the subject of the thematic seminar Populism and Propaganda in the Roman World of the department of Ancient History of Radboud University. The second- and third-year students of this seminar have been given the task to highlight one of those propaganda tools on the basis of some key figures from the Roman Republic and Imperial Era and to show how politicians made use of it - and how their supporters reacted to it. For the benefit of this digital exhibition on this topic, which is also the theme of this year's Week of Classics, the students have put this into blog form and they have become real gems. A new blog will appear daily during the Week of the Classics 10-20 March. Read them yourself!