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10 tips for a good start!

Date of news: 22 August 2022

The University Library staff welcomes all new students. We have 10 important tips for you to get off to a good a start.

  1. Study environment

    The University Library has several locations on campus. RU students can reserve study workplaces at various locations, with or without a PC.

  1. Literature search

    The library guides are a good starting point for searching and finding scientific literature by subject. You can also access databases from home via the library guides. Via the search engine RUQuest you can find all digital and printed books and journals and other publications which are available for Radboud University.

  1. Borrowing

    Using your student card, you can borrow books without charge. Activate your campus card as library card in RUQuest the first time. Do you need a book? In RUQuest you can request it using the button Request item. We will then put them on the Collection Shelves at the Service desk. You will receive an email when they are available for you. You can borrow a book using the check-out machine. Journals cannot be borrowed, they can only be used in the library.

  1. Computer workplaces

    You can make use of hundreds of computer workplaces on campus. Reserve a workplace using Face.

  1. Printing

    Printing can be done using Kuario. Read in the instructions how this works.

  1. Opening hours

    You can find the current opening hours on the homepage of the library. The opening hours may sometimes vary during exam periods and holidays.

  1. News
    Keep an eye on our news page.
  1. Need help?

    Do you have a question or you need help finding information? Use the Ask Your Librarian button. You can find the button on the homepage of the library. We like to help you.

  1. Online library workshops

    The University Library offers tailor-made online practices and workshops for every level (bachelor, premaster, master, PhD students). We give these instructions to groups or individuals, but from home you can also check our e-learning modules. The practices and workshops are free of charge for students and staff. See the overview.

  1. Facilities

    The different locations of the University Library all have their own facilities. The University Library wants to make a contribution to a fully-fledged study environment. So there are 'Coffee Corners', possibility to 'lounge', water taps, lockers (with charging points), snack and soft drinks vending machines and massage chairs. In the Central Library there is an 'energypod' where you can do a (free) powernap listening to soft music.

Do you have a suggestion for us? Send that to Ask Your Librarian.