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Have a question? Our information specialists are happy to help, also during the corona crisis!

Date of news: 17 April 2020

Have a question? Our information specialists are happy to help. Due to the current corona measures our information specialists are working from home. They can still be contacted to help you. Ask your question through email or (video)call with the team of your faculty!

Team Library of Science

René ExterkateMarlijn VliegenbergMarieke van der Eerden

Problems or questions?

Please email to infobfac@ubn.ru.nl if you have a question. If you would rather speak to one of the information specialists in person we will make an appointment to (video)call. This way screen sharing is also possible. If, for example, you are having trouble with EndNote or would like to have instructions on how to use a certain database, we can show you by sharing our screen.

Presentations & assignments for students

Through a webinar we can provide presentations for students. An assignment in Brightspace is one of the possibilities too. Please contact us, so we can look for a solution together!

Team Humanities

Have a question? We are here for you. Please use the general email address: info@ubn.ru.nl or phone number: (024) 361 24 17, or contact any of the individual staff team members.

Team Medical Library

Have any questions about searching for literature in e.g. PubMed or the use of EndNote? We offer remote assistance through e-mail, skype and telephone. You can contact us through medischebibliotheek@radboudumc.nl.

Team Social Sciences

Have any questions about searching for literature, our collection, APA, or the use of EndNote? We offer remote assistance through e-mail and telephone. You can contact us through infosw@ubn.ru.nl.

Team Law Library

For questions about the collection, please contact the collection- and information specialists. They work remotely. For example, do you have a question about legal research of sources, a search question or a question about a referral? Please contact our information specialists through inforecht@ubn.ru.nl. We kindly request you to state your question and telephone number in your e-mail message. If we cannot answer your question by e-mail, we will contact you by telephone.

NSM Library Team

Team ManagementwetenschappenThe Library Team Nijmegen School of Management are working from home. Our workshops remain available online. Need help with data and databases, please send an email to: datasupport-nsm@ubn.ru.nl. For questions about searching for literature and other questions or problems, please send an email to: infofm@ubn.ru.nl.