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Rechtsorde accessible again

Date of news: 26 July 2021

As of today, the renewed Rechtsorde is accessible to students and staff. The problems with Rechtsorde have been solved. Access to this new platform is now also possible anonymously by choosing the option `inloggen voor HBO of Universiteit’.

Changed search function

Employees of the Law Library team and members of the library committee have recently examined the new interface of Rechtsorde. The conclusion is that the functionality has changed drastically. There are fewer specific search options available. "Advanced Search" has been discontinued. Filtering in subsequent searches is limited.

Alternative: Legal Intelligence

To compensate for the loss of scientific content, it was decided to subscribe to
Legal Intelligence. It takes time to arrange access to all resources through this platform. Fortunately, an important part is now available. The University Library will urgently arrange access to the missing sources with various publishers. Until then, we recommend that you approach the missing sources directly via the databases of these publishers as much as possible.


Do you have any questions regarding the above? Please contact the Law Library team via inforecht@ubn.ru.nl
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