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HeinOnline includes the following collections:

  • Law Journal Library
    Law and law-related periodicals (mainly from American origin). Coverage is from the first issue published and is until the most-currently published issues allowed based on contracts with publishers.
  • English Reports
    Reports of judgments of the English Courts reported between 1220 and 1866.
  • Foreign & International Law Resources Database
    Prominent yearbooks from around the world, U.S. Law Digests, International tribunals/Judicial Decisions and more.
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP)
    Index to articles and book reviews appearing in over 500 legal journals published worldwide.
  • Legal Classics
    Thousands of works from some of the greatest legal minds in history.
  • Revised Statutes of Canada
  • United Nations Law Collection
    Exact reproductions of major United Nations legal publications.
  • Women and the Law (Peggy)
    Books, biographies and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the law.
  • World Constitutions Illustrated
    Current constitution for every country in its original language format and an English translation, as well as substantial constitutional histories. It also includes constitutional periodicals, thousands of classic books and other related works.
  • World Treaty Library
    A fully searchable treaty database that also includes hundreds of related treaty publications, scholarly articles, and a bibliography of related publications.

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