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Legal search engine that allows you to simultaneously search in multiple legal sources (mainly Dutch, but also European law), regardless of which publisher or agency published them.

Various website tours are available via the Info button in the red menu in Legal Intelligence. An extensive Help Center can also be accessed via this button.


  • After logging in via SURFconext when using this database for the very first time, it is recommended in the second screen Aanmelden to click the red  button Doorgaan below the form: you are now logged in Anonymously in Legal Intelligence.
  • To be able to set alerts, personalised registration is required.
    In this case, please provide your email address. This can be done by clicking the personalisation button in the top right corner of the screen in Legal Intelligence, then go to Instellingen and enter your email address. You can also choose to enter your name (this is not mandatory).

Note: If you as a student/employee of Radboud University want to create alerts and/or reading lists in Legal Intelligence, Legal Intelligence will ask you to create a personal account. If you choose to create a personal account, the responsibility for this Processing of Personal Data lies with you as a student/employee.