Connect to Orbis

The Orbis database contains financial and business information on about 200 million companies worldwide, based on annual reports. Use Orbis especially to gather data on private (non listed) companies and ownership structure. The web-based interface enables you to build a customized dataset and filter on specific variables, or to compile a detailed report on an individual company. Some basic charting, analyzing and reporting tools are available, and the datasets can be exported to Excel. Orbis also provides company board and compensation details, information on mergers and acquisitions, business news and rumours.

Coverage: the last 10 years (3 – 5 years for financial institutions); daily updates. Historical updates are available dating back as far as 1996. Contact the NSM Library team for further information on and access to these files (infofm@ubn.ru.nl)..

RU staff and students. More information about access.