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Copyright Information Point (CIP)

Auteursrechteninformatiepunt (AIP)When publishing or (re)using an article, paper, book or chapter from a book, copyright always plays a role.
The Copyright Information Point (CIP) is there to inform and advise researchers, lecturers and students on this topic.

Additional information about the Copyright Information Point


You can find quick reference guides regarding digital educational material (including photos, videos) at auteursrechten.nl/en.

Stichting UvO scheme

stichting uvoView the 'Easy Access' scheme for copying texts from copyrighted works.

Any questions?

You can ask questions via Ask Your Librarian. Your question will be forwarded directly to the CIP.

Team CIP

team AIP

Team CIP is staffed by (from left to right) Harry-Jan Courtens, Jeroen Dalstra, Esther Tijchon, Thijs Severens and Mariëlle van Gent.

You can contact us via Ask Your Librarian (your question will be forwarded to the CIP) or by email copyright@ubn.ru.nl.