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About the Copyright Information Point

Copyright. Copy it right.

When publishing or (re)using an article, paper, book or chapter from a book, copyright always plays a role. The Copyright Information Point (CIP) is there to inform and advise researchers, lecturers and students on this topic.

How can the Copyright Information Point assist you?

You can ask your questions to the Copyright Information Point. Employees from the Copyright Information Point will then respond promptly. You can use the verification tool to determine whether or not you may use texts from online journals in educational material.

What is the Copyright Information Point?

The Copyright Information Point informs and advises about copyrights in academic education and in publishing academic texts. Questions regarding industrial property rights (such as patent, design and trademark law) and contract rights are redirected elsewhere.

Affiliated with a national network
The Copyright Information Point is affiliated with the national Network of Copyright Information Points WO (NAI-WO). At the NAI, knowledge is shared on a national level and joint activities are developed.

Feedback is always welcome
The Copyright Information Point is interested in your opinion. Do you have any suggestions or is a particular topic missing? Please let us know.