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Literature research

In different phases of the research process, literature research or resource research plays an important role. How to conduct literature research as well as the variety of relevant databases differ by discipline. We would like to support you!

Need help or advice?

Help with literature research - Image credits: Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives

Need help or advice with literature research or resource research?

Systematic review assistance

Systematic review - Image credits: Mental Health Innovation Network
We can assist in developing expert search strategies.

General search techniques

Overview general search techniques

Databases often offer additional techniques to search for more relevant results. Curious?


On citing and citation styles

On citing, citation styles and how to avoid plagiarism.

Reference management

Reference management

Software for creating personal databases and citing references correctly in an easy way.


Alerts by email or RSS

Staying up to date automatically with new publications through alerting services in databases or journals?

Retrieving documents

Retrieving documents
How to download, borrow or request publications.