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Citing used sources and literature correctly is an important part of a scientific text and is therefore inextricably linked to literature research. Within science there are strict norms about citing sources. These norms vary by field of study and research and are outlined in different citation styles. For students, which style should be used usually depends on the common citation style of their faculty or the instructions of their teachers. Researchers must comply with the citation style that a publisher or editorial board of a journal prescribes.

Citation styles

Some common citation styles are:
Chicago Manual of Style
Citing Medicine (NLM)
De Leidraad voor juridische auteurs 2019

The information specialists in your field of research can advise and support you to cite correctly according to a particular citation style:

Management Sciences
Medical Sciences
Social Sciences


Plagiarism is copying information from another person's work without properly citing the source. The short module How to avoid plagiarism gives tips on how to recognise and avoid plagiarism.