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Managing research data

Research data management helps you to make conscious decisions about the data in your research project. It also encourages open science and enables the reuse of data.

Need help in storing your research data safely and archiving them in a permanent way? We can advise and support you across a range of issues in relation to proper data management.

whatisdigitalpreservation_hvaderdigitalbevaring_digitalpreservationTo give some examples: writing a data management paragraph for a grant proposal, drawing up a data management plan, secure storage and sharing of (privacy sensitive) data, version control, a smart back-up strategy, and future proof file formats.

But also: comprehensible file names, understandable documentation and clever metadata, so that you can always find back your data and work on them with others.


The service of the Research Data Management support team is aimed at facilitating data management. Please visit the Research Data Management website for more information. Feel free to contact us with questions such as:

We also provide training in research data management. For students, we have developed an eLearning module data management.

Need help?

The Research Data Management Support team can help. Contact us at rdmsupport@ubn.ru.nl or 024-3612863.

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