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Deals, funding and discounts

In certain cases, funding may be available through initiatives from national and international research funding organizations. In addition, Radboud University/Radboudumc allows its employees and students to publish in open access journals at low cost, sometimes even for free. Below you will find a list of the available option (this list is updated regularly).

Open access deals with publishers (via VSNU)

The Association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) have made open access deals with several large publishers (including Springer, Wiley, Elsevier, Sage, Mouton de Gruyter, Taylor & Francis and Brill). According to these agreements, scientists working for a Dutch university can publish open access for free in a large number of journals. An overview of those deals that apply to Radboud University researchers can be found on our Open Access Information page. In addition, the national openaccess.nl website lists all Dutch publisher agreements.

Important note: always use your institutional e-mail address when you submit an article. Publishers use this to verify whether an author is associated with a Dutch university.

How do I find an open access journal/paper?

  • The Dutch university libraries have made a browser that allows scientists to quickly determine whether scientists can publish in open access in a certain journal for free, or with a discount. The Open Access Journal Browser is currently available on the homepage of www.openaccess.nl (within the blue frame).
  • Are you looking for an open access version of a certain paper? Installing the open access extension of unpaywall.org on your internet browser allows you to find open access versions of a paper when visiting a journal's website or searching via Google Scholar or within your library catalogue, by clicking on the green icon to the right of the screen.

Discounts for employees of Radboud University/Radboudumc

In addition to the VSNU deals, there are also some other discounts/options for researchers of Radboud University/Radboudumc:

  • In addition to the Open Choice Programme that is part of the VSNU deal, Springer also publishes a number of open access journals. These journals are part of the SpringerOpen Programme. Radboud University researchers will receive a 15% discount on the APCs for these journals.
  • Radboud University’s institutional membership of BioMed Central (BMC) gives authors a 15% discount on the publication rate.
  • De Journal of Experimental Botany of Oxford University Press directly publishes its articles in open access. This option is also available to researchers of Radboud University, as the University Library is a subscriber to this journal.
  • PeerJ is a peer-reviewed open access journal in the fields of biology, computer science and medical sciences. For a one-off sum of $99-$299, authors can publish one or more articles a year throughout their lives.
  • In the SCOAP3 model (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics), the APCs of some dozen journals in the field of higher energy physics are paid by SCOAP3, not by the authors. The money comes from a central fund that is partly topped up by subscription fees and to which Dutch universities and research institutes contribute.
  • SIGMA (Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications), a non-commercial open access journal, does not charge authors a publication fee. The University Library has made a modest financial contribution to this journal.
  • In the Knowledge Unlatched project, books by reputable publishers in the humanities and social sciences are published directly online. This is possible because libraries contribute to the costs of making these books available in this way. The Radboud University Library has also contributed to the first release.
  • All journal in the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) are full open access. APCs for all OLH journals are covered by a worldwide consortium of libraries. Radboud University is also part of the OLH.

Contact and information

If you have any questions about funding or discounts, you can contact the Radboud Open Access Team by sending an e-mail to openaccess@ubn.ru.nl or phone 06-50099640.