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Radboud Data Repository

The Radboud Data Repository (RDR) is a data repository for researchers of Radboud University to archive and/or publish their research data.

Why the RDR?

The Radboud Data Repository allows Radboud University’s researchers to:

  • Publish data to the scientific community
  • Safely archive data that cannot be publicly shared to promote scientific integrity and internal reuse.
  • Collaborate on data with colleagues inside and outside of Radboud University.
  • Make data findable and citable by assigning a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and rich metadata to every collection.
  • Easily manage who gets access to view and/or edit data.
  • Comply with recent research data management movements and Radboud University’s policy to make data more FAIR.

Open Research Data

By publishing your research data in the RDR with a Creative Commons license, they will meet the criteria of Open Access. Should you need to protect your data, for example to protect the privacy of research participants, the RDR also offers more restrictive ways of publishing research data.

More information and contact

Find more information on the repository and why to use it on RDR-site, or start working with the RDR by exploring the help pages. For any questions concerning the RDR or recommendations on archiving and publishing your data, contact rdmsupport@ubn.ru.nl.