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Radboud Repository

Your research available to everyone

Through the Radboud Repository your research results are available free of charge all over the world. Publishing in the Radboud Repository is free. That is why this is also called the "Green Route" to open access.

Free access and easy to find

The Radboud Repository already contains thousands of publications, complete texts and research data sets from Radboud University scientists. They are freely accessible worldwide and easy to find under the motto "sharing science".

Dutch research results in Narcis

All research results from the Radboud Repository can be found via Narcis, the science database of NWO and KNAW. In Narcis, you can find all research results from the repositories of all Dutch universities and various scientific institutions.

Watch a short introduction video of about 3 minutes:

Benefits of publishing via Radboud Repository

The advantages of publishing via the Radboud Repository:

  • Google (Scholar) and other search engines rank publications from the Radboud Repository higher in the search results, because they qualify the content as scientifically reliable;
  • the full text of the publications is fully searchable, which leads to better findability in Google (Scholar);
  • better findability of research results ensures more citations of your publications;
  • You can download research results from the Radboud Repository and Narcis and share them with others via e-mail and social media;
  • the complete publication texts in the Repository are permanently archived in the national e-Depot of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek.