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Publishing in Radboud Repository

To submit your dissertation see: Dissertation.

Uploading and copyright check

As a scientist you can easily and directly upload the full text of your publication in RIS or in the Radboud Repository. The University Library checks the copyrights.

Author's version as an alternative

If copyright permits, the full text will be published in "open access". If the publisher's version is not yet allowed to be public, many publishers do allow this for the author's version. This is a version that has not yet been formatted by the publisher (a pre- or post print). If you upload the author's version, the full details of the publisher's version are always listed in the Radboud Repository.

Your publications together

Publications that are already publicly accessible in an "open access journal" are also included in the Radboud Repository. In this way, all your publications and research data are visible together in one place.

Research data and publications linked

In the Repository, your datasets display links to corresponding publications. It is also possible to include in your publications the link to the datasets that have been used for a publication. In RIS you can link these research results directly yourself.

Contact and information

Do you have a question? Mail to team Radboud Repository: repository@ubn.ru.nl.


Every PhD candidate is obliged to publish their dissertation in the Radboud Repository. It is free of charge. The doctorate regulations stipulate that your dissertation must be available open access via the Radboud Repository the day after your public defense. Your dissertation is available all over the world through the Radboud Repository.

See also: Doctorate regulations art. 3.26

Submit a dissertation

Submit the text as a single file in Adobe PDF format, including tables, illustrations, appendices, indexes, etc. The digital file must be identical to any printed version (on account of page references indexes). It is not necessary to supply a printed version to the library.

Send the digital version to repository@ubn.ru.nl. For large files, use Filesender.

Increase visibility

You increase the visibility (including in Google) when you send an English summary or description of your dissertation (max 300 words) with your PDF.

Printing costs reimbursement

After receipt of the digital copy of the dissertation, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. This form entitles you to a reimbursement of the printing costs. See also the Printing costs reimbursement regulations.

Postponement of publication

It is possible to request permission from the Chair of the Doctorate Board to postpone the publication. Complete the form Request for embargo on digital dissertation (pdf, 76 kB) (you also received this form from the beadle). Send a scan together with proof two months before the promotion date to repository@ubn.ru.nl. Please note: an embargo is only allowed in exceptional cases.

Link to doctoral thesis

After the public defence of your doctoral thesis, we will send you a link to your dissertation in the Radboud Repository. If you would like to receive this link in advance, you can request it via repository@ubn.ru.nl.