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RUQuest help and explanation

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RUQuest is a database that searches the collection of Radboud University, as well as the collections of other libraries worldwide.​

Using RUQuest you will find the entire printed and electronic collection of the Libraries of the Radboud University as well as full-text articles.

Campus card


When you use RUQuest for the first time, activate your campus card first.


Use the reference manual to get familiar with the possibilities of RUQuest.



We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers about loans & reservations, searching & finding.

Report inappropriate descriptions or keywords in search system RUQuest

Radboud University is committed to making every student, staff member or guest feel respected and welcome, regardless of background, religion, culture, ethnicity or orientation. We make every effort to ensure that (title) descriptions and keywords in the university library's search system convey our message of inclusion and diversity.


Many of the title descriptions and keywords in RUQuest are a legacy from the past. In some cases we experience them today as inappropriate, because we see them as condescending, racist, Eurocentric, colonial or otherwise outdated. Please contact Rune Meerman if you come across such a description or keyword. If possible, we will adjust it.