Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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The Proceedings of the Master's programme Cognitive Neuroscience presents proceedings of Master Students in the Cognitive Neuroscience program at Radboud University. Each year, research conducted by second year Master students for their theses/internships are made available online, with the best ones chosen via an intensive review process and published in our printed edition. Founded in 2006, we released annual publications representing the four specializations of the master program: 1) Language and Communication, 2) Perception, Action and Control, 3) Plasticity and Memory, and 4) Brain Networks and Neuronal Communication.

In the academic year 2010-11 we started with a bi-annual publication (February and June) reflecting the increase in high quality research being conducted within the Cognitive Neuroscience programme.To welcome a new publication schedule, and because of the re-organization of the Master's programme by way of matching the research themes of the Donders Institute, the cover has also been redesigned.

The operation of the journal is undertaken by students in the first and second year of the Master's programme. We are a group of enthusiastic researchers in training with the objective of being exposed to all aspects of research from very early on. Aside from training in aspects of research, writing and presentation, we are committed to being as professional as possible in the entire review and publication process. More information about the team can be found under General > Team.

Want to know what research is being conducted in our program? Check out Current Issue and Archive for current and past publications.

We welcome all suggestions, inquiries or notification of problems that you may have encountered. Please refer to the contact section for further information.