Office space for Master students

Rules for the use of the office space for master students.

For students working on their master thesis, room HG03.732 (henceforth referred to as ‘masterkamer’) is available as office space. There are six workspaces that are assigned based on first come first serve. That implies that if you reserve a workspace there, it is expected of you to use it regularly; otherwise, you can better make the space available for another student.

(1) Before you are eligible for a spot in the masterkamer, you have to fill in a statement. The statement can be downloaded here (pdf, 51 kB) (in Dutch), and is also available at the secretariat. It includes information on how long you plan on using the room (max 8 months), as well as your contact details. Your thesis supervisor needs to co-sign the form. In case your supervisor is not a staff member of Radboud University, the signature of a staff member of the Department of Mathematics is required instead. Submit the completed statement to Astrid Linssen or Greta Oliemeulen at the secretariat (room HG03.708). If a workspace is available, you receive the key for the duration of the period indicated in the statement. You need to pay a deposit of 20 euros for the key. If no seat is available, you are placed on a waiting list. Whenever there is a work place unassigned, the person on top of the list will be contacted.

(2) The masterkamer is open on work days during office hours. Due to the limited access to the building outside of office hours, the room cannot be used in the evenings or the weekend.

(3) Students that work in the masterkamer, are responsible for letting everything go smoothly. The room is supposed to be a calm place to work. Students that cause trouble for fellow students or staff members in nearby offices will lose the privilege of having access to the masterkamer. There are no desktop computers available in the masterkamer. For those, refer to a computer room. You can, however, bring your own laptop or tablet, as long as their use does not result in disturbances to others.

(4) After your master project is finished, or after the period you applied for is over, return the key at the secretariat. You will then also get the paid deposit back. Any damages or anything you might want to report? Please contact the secretariat. E-mail: or phone: 36 52985/36 52986.