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Singularities and Curvature in General Relativity (Workshop)

Monday 19 June 2023 until Friday 23 June 2023Plaats in agenda
Huygensgebouw, Radboud University

General Relativity is traditionally studied from an analysis/PDE, differential geometric, or physics perspective. Recently, new approaches to analyze nonsmooth Lorentzian structures have also emerged from geometric measure theory and optimal transport. This workshop brings together researchers from all these different research directions to discuss open problems and new tools. To facilitate maximal interaction two minicourses and several introductory/plenary talks are scheduled.

Further information is available on the conference webpage.

Registration is open until 30 April 2023.

Organizers are A. Burtscher (Radboud University) and S. Tahvildar-Zadeh (Rutgers University).

A. Burtscher