Potential PhD projects

Below you can find a selection of possible PhD projects at the Mathematics department. The listed projects are currently not funded and would require the student to apply for funding. For more details, please contact the corresponding PhD supervisor.


Title of project
Riccardo Cristoferi Consistency of clustering models in semi-supervised learningInfo (pdf, 37 kB)
Henk Don The contact process on random graphs.Info (pdf, 64 kB)
Erik Koelink Matrix valued special functions: theory and applications. Info
Klaas Landsman Mathematical and philosophical aspects of Emergence and Entropy. Info
Klaas Landsman Singularities: From Ricci flow to general relativity. Info
Klaas Landsman Semantics for intuitionistic quantum logic. Info
Klaas Landsman Provable randomness properties of quantum theory.Info
Gabriel Lord Modelling and Efficient Simulation.Info
Gabriel Lord Adaptivity for accurate simulation of blow up.Info
Ioan Marcut The geometry of the Poisson diffeomorphism group.Info
Maarten Solleveld Pseudo reductive groups and the Langlands program.Info
Walter van Suijlekom Noncommutative geometry and scale dependence.Info
Sebastiaan Terwijn Theory of Computation.Info
Wadim Zudilin q-Deformation of modular forms.Info
Wadim Zudilin Hypergeometric motives and their L-functions.Info (pdf, 248 kB)