Research group Applied Mathematics

Our research is characterized by its interdisciplinary aspect. We have close links to the groups in Applied Stochastics and Mathematical Physics in the mathematics department as well as to other research institutes at Radboud University. We focus both on the theoretical and numerical aspects of the problems.


We currently specialize in the following themes:

Applied Analysis

  • Deterministic and stochastic infinite dimensional dynamical systems
  • Well-posedness of nonlinear evolution equations
  • Qualitative behaviour of solutions
  • Formation of singularities
  • Calculus of Variations (e.g. existence theory, regularity)

Modelling and Applications

  • Mathematical biology (e.g. cell-biology, thin-films, neuroscience, tumor growth)
  • Nonlinear wave propagation (e.g. for high-intensity ultrasound, marine reserves)
  • Geosciences (e.g. porous-media flow, volcanology)
  • Materials science (e.g. pattern formation, phase transitions)
  • Imaging science (e.g. reconstruction of damaged images, noise reduction)

Numerics and Computation

  • Stochastic and deterministic (partial) differential equations
  • Numerical wave propagation and optimization
  • Computational biology and neuroscience
  • Computational finance and economics
  • Uncertainty quantification



Almost every month we organise a seminar with speakers from in- and outside of the university.


Research group members

Faculty: Annegret Burtscher, Riccardo Cristoferi, Gabriel Lord, Vanja Nikolić, Laura Scarabosio, Stefanie Sonner

Postdocs: Nick Lindemulder, Julio Careaga

PhD students: Gabriele Fissore, Mostafa MelianiMengchao Wang, Wouter van Harten, Khadija Meddouni

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.