Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine II

December 6 and 7, 2012

This is the second meeting of a seminar jointly organised by Christian Blohmann (MPI Bonn), Marius Crainic (Utrecht), and Ieke Moerdijk (Radboud University Nijmegen). The first meeting took place on 12 and 13 January of this year.

Place: Radboud University Nijmegen, Huygens Building, Heyendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Dates: December 6 (afternoon) and December 7, 2012.


M. Groth (Nijmegen)
I. Marcut (Utrecht)
M.A. Salazar (Utrecht)
C. Schommer-Pries (Bonn)
M. Solleveld (Nijmegen)
P. Teichner (Bonn)
C. Wockel (Hamburg)

Please find abstracts here.

Sponsors: Radboud University Nijmegen, NWO (Spinoza-grant Moerdijk)

At Nijmegen CS take bus 10 to the university. Get off just after you have passed the Huygens Building on your left. It is an easily recognized green building, here is a picture

huygens building.

The bus ride takes only 5 minutes or so.
For more information follow the link: how to get here

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