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The focal point of SWI 2016 is the set of industrial mathematical problems. The following companies have confirmed their participation. (Fuller problem descriptions are to appear here in early January.)


Dümmen Orange are intending to propose a problem about modelling plant growth and future demand in order to reduce redundancies.


For more even yield through the growing season, HZPC seek to understand a possible genetic basis for 'early bulking' in potatoes. Full text (pdf, 217 kB)


Ortec Finance propose to analyse time-series models for forecasting pension fund growth, Full text (pdf, 62 kB)


As one of the largest consumers of electricity, NS would like know how modifications in train scheduling can even out its electricity demands/feedback, and thereby increase energy efficiency. Full text (pdf, 40 kB)

Marel_logoStork_logo Problem description (pdf, 254 kB)


Besides increasing amounts of data from traditional sources (such as observation networks), use of open data, crowd sourced data and the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly emerging.  Full text (pdf, 190 kB)