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Welcome to the Microbiology cluster!

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in our Research and Education. The mission of the microbiology cluster is to understand the diversity of microorganisms responsible for the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen and carbon (methane). We focus on four research themes:

  • Nitrogen cycle microbiology
  • Carbon/methane cycle microbiology
  • Host-microbe interactions
  • Bioremediation

We collaborate with colleagues from the Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences and and complementary (inter)national experts from the RIBES (, SIAM (, NESSC ( and various Max Planck Institutes ( 
Ultimately, we aim to discover and understand new “impossible” anaerobic/aerobic microorganisms using microbial, physiological, biochemical, molecular, omics and microscopic methods. Most famous examples are the bacteria involved in anaerobic ammonium oxidation and nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane oxidation. In addition, we collaborate with (industrial) partners and stakeholders on the development of applications of these microorganisms in sustainable drinking water production and wastewater treatment systems in order to remove nitrogen, methane and micropollutants.

Honorary doctorate from the TU Delft for Prof. Dr. Mike S.M. Jetten

January 2023


Last week, Mike Jetten received an honorary doctorate from the TU Delft during their Dies Natalis🎉
He received the doctorate for pioneering work on the elucidation of the diversity of microbial metabolism, uncovering its impact on our planet’s biosphere and unlocking its potential for technological applications.

View a recording of the ceremony here:
#honorarydoctorate #microbiology Radboud Faculty of Science

181th Dies Unlocking New Worlds

5 Awards at Scientific Spring Meeting KNVM & NVMM 2022


At the Scientific Spring Meeting of the Dutch Society of Medical Microbiology (NVMM) and the Royal Dutch Society of Microbiology (KNVM) held on April 5 and 6, 2022 our Microbiology department research and presentation skills were rewarded with no less than 5 awards!

Isaac Gorres received the BaMa presentation award for best oral presentation.

Laura Claret Fernandez received the poster presentation award.

Koen Pelsma received the Kiem award for best first paper in environmental microbiology.

Julia Kurth received the van Leeuwenhoek award for best last author/postdoc paper in environmental microbiology.

Rob Schmitz received the Westerdijk award for best PhD thesis in environmental microbiology.

Hybride werken: nieuwe regeling vanaf 1 maart

Het college van bestuur heeft per 1 maart 2022 een nieuwe regeling voor hybride werken vastgesteld.

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Promovendus mevrouw Laura Claret Fernandez

Tentative date: woensdag 14 december 2022, 16.30

prof. dr. L.A.M.P. van Niftrik, 

Locatie: Aula

Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences (RIBES)

The Radboud Institute for Biological and Environmental Sciences (RIBES), formerly known as Institute for Water and Wetland Research (IWWR), aims to perform world leading research in order to understand the response of the natural environment to human impact.

With this knowledge, the research institute RIBES contributes to mitigating ecosystem degradation and finding solutions to restore the natural environment.


RIBES is organised in three research clusters:

  1. Ecology & Physiology
  2. Environmental Science
  3. Microbiology

All clusters participate in the cross-cutting research theme Towards Healthy Ecosystems, leveraging their complementary expertise in close collaboration with their large network of partners in academia, and public and private organisations.

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