Student projects / Internships

In all of the research topics listed under Research, projects (internships) are available for Chemistry, Molecular Life Science and Biology students from MLO, HLO or University. The student is supervised by a PhD student, postdoc or staff member. Especially in the first part of the training guidance will be intense: on a daily basis with the supervisor and weekly sessions with other members of the research group. In this period the student will be introduced to literature, and techniques relevant for his/her topic. In the second part of the training the student him(her)self will show more initiative by planning, designing and performance his/her own experiments. At the end of the experimental period a report has to be written and the work is presented in a seminar.

To start with the internship “microbiology”, the specialized microbiology course Ecological Microbiology is recommended for in-house students.

For more information about internships and our department watch this movie on YouTube and/or contact Dr. Huub Op den Camp.