Welcome to the Molecular Materials group

We are surrounded by smart materials. In fact, we are made out of smart materials, i.e. materials with properties that change when time, temperature, pressure or something else changes. Smart soft materials are the focus of the Molecular Materials group.

One research line focuses on the properties of synthetic fibrous hydrogels, which demonstrate great promise in biomedical application and have unique mechanical properties. They can become 100 times stiffer under stress.

A second research line develops Liquid Crystal Templating of soft matter. LCT is a new approach to control the organisation and alignment of soft materials at any length scale, molecular to cellular to devices.


We are always looking out for talented young scientist, also for Master's and Bachelor's internships. If you are interested in our work, please contact us.


The Molecular Materials group is part of the theme Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Complex Molecular Systems, within the Institute for Molecules and Materials.