Welcome to the department of Molecular and Laser Physics in Nijmegen

Molecular and Laser Physics invents and advances laser-molecular beam technology such as velocity map imaging, Stark decelerators and high-power widely tunable infrared lasers in order to carry out fundamental and applied research in the field of molecular physics.

Groepsfoto Reunie 8 april 2017

Reunion April 2017
60 Years Molecular and Laser Physics


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Molecular and Laser Physics is part of the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM). The IMM is an interdisciplinary research institute in chemistry and physics at Radboud University. IMM’s mission is to perform fundamental research to understand, design and control the functioning of molecules and materials and to train the next generation of leaders in science and entrepreneurship at the highest international standards. The group participates in the IMM research theme 1: Structure and Dynamics of Molecules.

Prof. Jan Troosterprijs' for Peter Claus


Peter receives the prize for his invention of the "Nijmegen Pulsed Valve". This rapid throttle valve is used to create short and intense pulsed molecular beams for molecular spectroscopy and dynamics research. The Nijmegen Pulsed Valve (known in the department as the "Peter-valve") is described in an article in 'The Review of Scientific Instruments ii' and has led directly to a large-scale European ITN EID project "PUFF" (pulsed valves Fast Forward) on which three PhD's work.
Peter will officially receive his prize on Thursday March 31.

Troosterprijs 2015 - Peter Claus (pdf, 439 kB)