publications 2003

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I.E. Santosa and L.J.J. Laarhoven, J. Harbinson, S. Driscoll, F.J.M. Harren, Laser-based trace gas detection of ethane as a result of photo-oxidative damage in chilled cucumber leaves (invited). Rev. Sci. Instrum. 74/1 (2003) 680-683 (pdf)

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E.I. Boamfa, P.C. Ram, M.B. Jackson, J. Reuss and F.J.M. Harren, Dynamic Aspects of Alcoholic Fermentation of Rice Seedlings in Response to Anaerobiosis and to Complete Submergence: Relationship to Submergence Tolerance. Annals of Botany 91 (2003) 279-290 (pdf)

D. Bicanic, S. Persijn, A. Taylor, J. Cozijnsen, B. van Veldhuyzen, G. Lenssen, H. Wegh, Detection of ethanol and acetaldehyde released from cabbage seeds of different quality: Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy versus FTIR and headspace gas chromatography. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 74/1 (2003) 690-693 (pdf)

Filip Vandenbussche, Jan Smalle, Jie Le, Nelson Jose Madeira Saibo, Annelies De Paepe, Laury Chaerle, Olaf Tietz, Raphael Smets, Lucas J.J. Laarhoven, Frans J.M. Harren, Harry Van Onckelen, Klaus Palme, Jean-Pierre Verbelen, and Dominique Van Der Straeten. The Arabidopsis Mutant alh1 Illustraties a Cross Talk between Ethylene and Auxin. Plant Physiol. 131 (2003) 1228-123 (pdf)

Shaocheng Li, Quigxu Yu, Maarten van Herpen, Sacco te Lintel Hekkert, and Frans J.M. Harren. Cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy for N2O detection at 2.86 µm using continuous tunable color center laser. Chinese Optics Lett. Vol. 1 No. 6 (2003) 361-363

T.T. Groot, P.M. van Bodegom, F.J.M. Harren and H.A.J. Meijer. Quantification of methane oxidation in the rice rhizospehere using 13C-labelled methane. Biogeochemistry 64 (2003) 355-372 (pdf)

H.W.A. Berkelmans, B.W.M. Moeskops, J. Bominaar, P.T.J. Scheepers, and F.J.M. Harren. Pharmacokinetics of ethylene in man by on-line laser photoacoustic detection. Toxicology and Appl. Pharmacology 190 (2003) 206-213 (pdf)

Filip Vandenbussche, Willem H. Vriezen, Jan Small, Lucas J.J. Laarhoven, Frans J.M. Harren, and Dominique Van Der Straeten. Ethylene and Auxin Control the Arabidopsis Response to Decreased Light Intensity. Plant Physiol. 133 (2003) 517-527 (pdf)

M.M.J.W. van Herpen, S.E. Bisson, F.J.M. Harren. Continuous-wave operation of a single-frefquency optical parametric oscillator at 4-5 µm based on periodically poled LiNbO3. OPTICS LETTERS 28/24 (2003) 2497-2499 (pdf)

David H. Parker, Ralph F. Delmdahl, and Andre T.J.B. Eppink. Imaging Technique Reveals Extremely Hot Photodissociation Products. Lambda Highlights November 2003 No. 63 (2003) (pdf)

M. Staal, L.J. Stal, S. te Lintel-Hekkert, F.J.M. Harren. Hight action spectra of N2 fixation by heterocystous cyanobacteria from the Baltic Sea. Journal of Phycology, 39 (2003) 668-677 (pdf)

G.A. Bogdanchikov, A.V. Baklanov, D.H. Parker. Ab initio study of isomers of neutral and ionized van der Waals dimer (CH3I)2. Chem. Phys. Lett. 376 (2003) 395-402 (pdf)

L.A. Mur, I.E. Santosa, L.J.J. Laarhoven, F. Harren, A.R. Smith. A new partner in the danse macabre: the role of nitric oxide in the hypersensitive response. Bulg. J. Plant Physiol., Special Issue (2003) 110-123

Theses in 2003:

Marc Staal: New insights in N fixation by heterocystous cyanobacteria: the advantage of on-line measurements, promotor: Prof.dr. H.J. Laanbroek, co-promotores: Dr. F.J.M. Harren, Dr. L. Stal, 30 juni, 2003, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen. (pdf)