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E. Crespo, S.M. Cristescu, H. de Ronde, S. Kuijper, A.H.J. Kolk, R.M. Anthony, F.J.M. Harren.
Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry detects rapid changes in volatile metabolite emission by Mycobacterium smegmatis after the addition of specific antimicrobial agents.
Journal of Microbiological Methods 86 (2011) 8-15
DOI: 10.1016/j.mimet.2011.01.025

S. M. Wu, D. C. Radenovic, W. J. van der Zande, G. C. Groenenboom, D. H. Parker, C. Vallance and N. Zare.
Control and imaging of O(1D2) precession.
Nature Chemistry, 3 (2011) 28-33
DOI: 10.1038/NCHEM.929

C.J. Eyles, M. Brouard, C.-H. Yang, J. Klos, F.J. Aoiz, A. Gijsbertsen, A.E. Wiskerke and S. Stolte.
Interference structures in the differential cross-sections for inelastic scattering of NO by Ar.
Nature Chemistry, 12 juni 2011
DOI: 10.1038/NCCHEM.1071

D.D. Arslanov, M. Spunei, A.K.Y. Ngai, S.M. Cristescu, I.D. Lindsay, S.T. Persijn, K.J. Boller, F.J.M. Harren.
Rapid and sensitive trace gas detection with continuous wave Optical Parametric Oscillator-based Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy.
Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 103 (2011) 223-228
DOI: 10.1007/s00340-1-010-4242-0

C.-H. Chang, G. Sarma, D.H. Parker, J.J. ter Meulen and L. Wiesenfeld.
State-to-state differential and relative integral cross sections for rotationally inelastic scattering of H2O by hydrogen.
JCP 134, 204308 (2011) 1-12

Z. Chen, Q. Shuai, A.T.J.B. Eppink, B. Jiang, D. Dai, X. Yang and D.H. Parker.
Imaging CH3SH photodissociation at 204 nm: the SH + CH3 channel.
PCCP 13 (2011) 8531-8536.

D.A. Malik, A.T.J.B. Eppink, W.L. Meerts, A.V. Kimel, A. Kirilyuk, Th. Rasing, and W.J. van der Zande.
Ultrafast coherent control of angular momentum during a one-photon excitation.
Phys. Rev. A 84 (2011) 043404.

Z.C. Chen, A.T.J.B. Eppink, B. Jiang, G.C. Groenenboom, X.M. Yang, D.H. Parker.
Product pair correlation in CH­3OH photodissociation at 157 nm: the OH + CH3 channel.
PCCP 13 (2011) 2350-2355.

Ludwig Scharfenberg, Koos B. Gubbels, Moritz Kirste, Gerrit C. Groenenboom, Ad van der Avoird, Gerard Meijer, and Sebastiaan Y.T. van de Meerakker.
Scattering of Stark-decelerated OH radicals with rare gas atoms.
Eur. Phys. J. D 65 (2011) 189-198

D.D. Arslanov, M. Spunei, A.K.Y. Ngai, S.M. Cristescu, I.D. Lindsay, S.T. Persijn, K.J. Boller, F.J.M. Harren.
Rapid and sensitive trace gas detection with continuous wave Optical Parametric Oscillator- based wavelength modulation spectroscopy.
Applied Physics B 103 (2011) 223-228
doi: 10.1007/s00340-010-4242-0

D. D. Arslanov, K. Swinkels, S. M. Cristescu, and F. J. M. Harren.
Real-time, subsecond, multicomponent breath analysis by Optical Parametric Oscillator based Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy.
Opt. Express 19 (2011) 24078-24089

A.S.D. Eller, K. Sekimoto, J.B. Gilman, W.C. Kuster, J.A. de Gouw, R.K. Monson, M. Graus, E. Crespo, C. Warneke and R. Fall.
Volatile organic compound emissions from switchgrass cultivars used as biofuel crops.
Atmospheric Environment 45: 3333-3337 (2011)

L.A.J. Mur, J. Mandon, S.M. Cristescu, F.J.M. Harren, E. Prats.
Methods of nitric oxide detection in plants: A commentary.
Plant Sci., (2011)doi:10.1016/j.plantsci.2011.04.003

A.J. Lloyd, J. William Allwood, C. Winder, W.B. Dunn, J. Heald, S.M. Cristescu, F.J. M. Harren, R. Goodacre, A.R. Smith and L.A. J. Mur.
Metabolomic approaches indicate that cell wall modifications play a major role in ethylene-mediated resistance against.
Botrytis cinerea, Plant Journal (2011) 67(5): 852-868 (2011) doi:10.1111/j.1365-313X.2011.04639x

S. M. Cristescu, H.A. Gietema, L. Blanchet, C.L.J.J. Kruitwagen, P. Munnik, R.J. van Klaveren, J.W.J. Lammers, L. Buydens, F.J.M. Harren and P. Zanen.
Screening for emphysema via exhaled volatile organic compounds.
J. Breath Research 5 (2011) doi:10.1088/1752-7155/5/4/046009

G. Moniuszko, A. Laska-Oberndorff, S.M. Cristescu, F.J.M. Harren, A. Sirko.
Ethylene emitted by nylon membrane filters questions their usefulness to transfer plant seedlings between media.
BioTechniques 51: doi 10.2144/000113762 (November 2011)

F.J.M. Harren, V. Konov.
Editorial, Applied Physics B 105 (2011) 493
DOI: 10.1007/s00340-011-4767-x

J. Mandon, F.J.M. Harren.
Ultrasensitive absorption spectroscopy.
Physics 4 (2011) 100

Yongwei Zhang, Chung-Hsin Yang, Shiou-Min Wu,1 Andre van Roij, Wim J. van der Zande, David H. Parker, and Xueming Yang.
A large aperture magnification lens for velocity map imaging.

Theses 2011

Freek Kelkensberg
Capturing atomic and electronic motion with high harmonic generation light pulses
Promotor prof. dr. M.J.J. Vrakking
June 23, 2011

Wing Kiu Siu
Probing molecular dynamics using novel light sources
Promotor prof. dr. M.J.J. Vrakking
June 27, 2011

Chung-Hsin Yang
Rotationally Inelastic Scattering of Water for Astrophysical Applications
Promotors: prof. dr. J.J. ter Meulen and  prof. dr. D.H. Parker
June 27, 2011

O. Ghafur
Design and application of imaging spectrometers: From coherent control to the ultrafast dynamics of atoms and small molecules
Promotor prof. dr. D.H. Parker
September 19, 2011