Our unique selling points:

  • We offer a new perspective in the field of extremism studies, namely Dialogical Self Theory (DST), which has a track record in multicultural coaching end education
  • We see Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) also as a ‘profitable’ business that needs critical reflection for which we us Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) as a method
  • Our approach (DST and CDA) has the potential to combine quantitative and qualitative research traditions, and to offer a bridge between individual, institutional and societal levels (micro, meso and macro)
  • We consider the relation between extremism and polarization as dialectical, e.g. extremism leads to polarization and exclusion, but also the other way around.
  • We include an extra-European partner in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim community in the world and a history of violent extremism, but also effective tools to prevent and combat extremism