2022: Adaptation

2021: Laudato Si' and Mission

2020: Asian Christianity and its Significance for Europe

2019: Secularization and Reversed Mission

2018: Europe, A Mission Continent?

2017: Roman Catholic Migrants in  Church and Society

2016: African Philosophy: Tempels' Bantu Philosophy

2014: Aid in the Age of Markets

2013: Celebrating Diversity

2012: Spaces for religion

2011: Religion and engaged citizenship

2009: The Future of Missionary Past

2008: CELAM IV: Blesssing or Curse?

2007: World Christianity: Clash of Civilizations?

2006: Migrants in development

2005: Indigenous Spirituality and Sustainable Development

2004: Towards an Empirical Missiology

2003: Theology in The Netherlands: Eurocentric?

2002: Promise of Hope: tribute to Dom Hélder Camara