New: John Veldman, 'Een Geluid van een dunne stilte'. De 'overpeinzingen van Peter Sjak-Shie opnieuw gelezen. Occasional Papers 31. Nijmegen: Nijmeegs Institut voor Missiewetenschappen, 2018.

Albert de Jong, Een Missionair leven in documenten, Nijmegen: Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies, 2017.

Omslag_Voorzijde kl

In this book the author describes his almost 30 years of experience in East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) between 1974 and 2014, immersed in the religious and worldly context of the time. The book provides an excellent insight into the life of a missionary along with all its ups and downs.

Jennifer Vos, "Wij zijn eigenlijk altijd Multicultureel geweest". Nijmegen: Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies, 2017.


The Netherlands has been engaged in a multiculturalism debate since many years. Studies have principally centered on communication between autochtonous Dutch people and immigrants, until now. This dissertation of Jennifer Vos focuses on the interactions between Muslim and Christian migrants from the former Dutch colonies of Indonesia and Suriname. The author concludes that people from Indonesia and Suriname do not consider multicultural society as a drama, as some politicians claim.

Occasional Paper Nr. 27. For orders (Euro 17,50 excl. postage costs):

Frans Dokman (ed.), Aid in the Age of Markets: Social Enterprises and Catholic Social Thought. Nijmegen: Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies, 2016.


Occasional Paper Nr. 26. For orders (Euro 7,50 excl. postage costs):

Charles Caspers, Jorge E. Castillo Guerra, Ad Leys (red.), Eventueel ook met woorden. Bijdragen ter verduidelijking van ‘nieuwe evangelisatie’. Nijmegen: Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies, 2014. .

Lectures from the study day under the title: 'New evangelisation': An attractive vision on the relation between faith, community and world?

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