Nijmegen Political Philosophy Workshop


The Nijmegen Political Philosophy Workshop (NPPW) was established in order to promote the exchange of ideas between different disciplines on the subject of politics and political thought. As such the NPPW also maintains close ties to our colleagues from other Universities, in particular the University of Leuven (KUL), the DePaul University in Chicago and the University of Utrecht.

True to its purpose, the NPPW has no bias towards one particular methodology, on the contrary, it is a multidisciplinary endeavour that seeks to bring together those who work in the fields of political philosophy, political theory and the philosophy of law to further our common understanding of political phenomena.

As such the NPPW consciously seeks to move beyond such artificial divides as Analytical vs Continental and so on, to broaden different perspectives. We organise activities such as colloquia, one-day-conferences and reading groups involving NPPW members (both staff and master-students) and visiting speakers.

During these events we engage in open discussions on a wide range of subjects related to politics and political theory. Anything from current affairs to perennial issues and everything in between. We regularly organise brown bag seminars/lunch meetings, during which we offer a free lunch (yes there actually still is such a thing as a free lunch) to go along with the presentation and subsequent discussion. Please check our [schedule] for upcoming events.