Past meetings






  • December 18: discussion of Wim Weymans (2020), ‘From Marianne to Louise. Three ways of representing the (European) people in democratic societies’ in: Anna Schober (red.), Popularisation and populism in the visual arts. Attraction images, pp.31–45. Introduced by Joris Gijsenbergh.
  • November 19: discussion of Jonathan Soeharno's 'De moed tot onpartijdigheid' (Ars Aequi, oktober 2020). Introduced by Laura van den Berg.
  • January 28: discussion of David Graeber's and David Wengrow's How to change the course of human history (Eurozine, 2018). Introduced by Mathijs van de Sande.
  • January 8: discussion of Clare Chambers’s Against Marriage. An Egalitarian Defence of the Marriage-Free State (Oxford University Press, 2017). Introduced by Pol van de Wiel.


  • December 18: discussie over uitspraak van de Hoge Raad in de Srebrenica-zaak. Introduced by Lukas op de Beke.
  • November 20: discussion of Mireille Hildebrandt's chapter "The Force of Law and the Force of Technology." in: McGuire, M., Holt, T. (ed.), The Routledge Handbook for Technology, Crime and Justice. Introduced by Jonne Hoek.
  • October 30: discussion of Robert Goodin's article 'Enfranchising All Subjected, Worldwide'. Introduced by Crispino Akakpo.
  • October 8: discussion of Lea Ypi's article 'What's Wrong with Colonialism'. Introduced by Lukas op de Beke.
  • September 25: discussion of Philippe Van Parijs' article 'Just Europe'. Introduced by Ronald Tinnevelt.