NSM Focus | Successful new year’s event at the department of Business Administration

On 10 January, the department of Business Administration held its new year’s event for alumni, students and staff. This year's theme was ‘the responsible organisation’, which is also the central subject of the department’s teaching and research. The department’s chair, Prof. Yvonne Benschop, welcomed all those attending.

In her introduction, Benschop spoke about the department’s research, which is based on the premise that organisations act responsibly when they unite social values and economic sustainability. Moreover, these organisations are intrinsically motivated to deliver products and services that contribute to social welfare (clean cars, healthy food and reliable news), create positive secondary effects (quality of work, honest trade, inclusion) and avoid negative secondary effects (pollution, inequality and burn-outs).

Then Frank Asser, Manager of Corporate Partnerships & Major Donors for the Dutch Red Cross, gave the keynote speech about the way in which the Red Cross practices responsibility in raising funds and working with partners who try to motivate companies to act responsibly themselves.


Alumni, students and staff ended the day with drinks and informal discussions about incorporating this theme into their daily work.

You can view the photo album here.