Library committee

The faculty's library committee serves as an advisory committee to the dean and the university librarian and it meets two or three times a year. It gives them advice on the faculty library collection, including the digital collection, on the resources needed and it provides comments on how the faculty library can best be run.


Academic staff
Prof. dr. Heijden, B.I.J.M. van der (Beatrice), chairperson 
Dr. Contreras, M.G. (Gaby)
Prof. dr. Hillebrand, B. (Bas)
Prof. dr. Ache, P.M. (Peter)
Dr. Stiller, S.J. (Sabina)
Dr. ir. Raaijmakers, S.F.J.M. (Stephan)

Official secretary 
Drs. Engelen-Stinesen, B.G. van (Dini)

Student members
A. Figaroa
T. van Krimpen