International Advisory Board

Our International Advisory Board is made up of senior people from academia, organisations and governments whose close connections provide NSM with the external perspectives needed to influence our research, education and engagement.

The members of the International Advisory Board play a vital role in the School’s strategic direction, offering independent guidance on key issues that face NSM, our relationships and our development. Members’ particular areas of expertise enables the School to understand and provide sustainable responses to global issues affecting organisations and societies and prepare our ensure our students are prepared for the future.

“I am truly excited about the invitation to join the advisory board of Nijmegen School of Management and contribute with my experience towards a positive sustainable impact on the school programs and it’s students”

- Thai Lu Tran

Banerji-Bhatia, Priyanka pic

Priyanka Banerji-Bhatia
Head HR at iptiQ

“Together, we face a number of great challenges to develop our world further in a sustainable way. Both environmentally as well as societally, governments and businesses share a responsiblity to create a better world. Taking these responsibilities is no easy matter, however, and places great demands on our current and future leaders. In the IAB, I look forward to bring national and international perspectives together, and also both a business and societal perspective, so the programms of the NSM can be tailored to prepare for leadership that is future-proof.”

- Niels Kastelein

Galesloot, Paul pic

Paul Galesloot
CEO for Elmwood

Schoonbeek, Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Schoonbeek
Co-founder and COO at Key ESG

"NSM has a strong vision to further strengthen its relevance, in the context of a rapidly changing world. The clarity of Tom’s purpose and the pedigree of the other Advisory Board members creates a valuable and enjoyable journey, which I am privileged to be part of."

- Paul Galesloot

"I am excited to be part of the International Advisory Board to contribute to the Nijmegen School of Management’s vision to play their part in the transformation towards sustainable societies. I believe in the globally changing context, there is an important role to play for universities ensuring that this transformation can take place within an appropriate lens and critically look at societal issues of equity and inclusion, recognizing diversity, intersectionality, and privilege. I am looking forward discussing these and other topics with an interdisciplinary group of professionals to support the NSM to achieve its vision."

- Anne Coolen

Sustainability strategy and management requires a multidisciplinary approach. NSM is well-situated to convene a forum of diverse stakeholders through its network of business, policy and environmental experts. As a proud NSM alum, I look forward to contributing to the School's thought leadership on sustainability management.

- Anne-Marie Schoonbeek

“I’m looking forward to connecting with a cross-border, like-minded community and to contribute to making Nijmegen school of Management a cradle for future leaders who have a strong passion for sustainability.”

- Amal Cherradi