Niels Kastelein

Since 2020, Niels Kastelein is director of Climate Policy at the Dutch Government. Before that, he worked at the Ministry of Finance as deputy director of the Budget Department (2015-2020) and at the municipality of Rotterdam as team lead on strategy advice to the board of mayor and aldermen (2010-2015). He started his career as a consultant at Berenschot Public Management (2003-2010) where he performed in a variety of themes (form policy evaluation studies and supporting investigations by local and provincial councils to (re)organizing various organizations in the public sector. Kastelein, Niels

In his career, he build on the knowledge that he developed during his study of Public Administration in Rotterdam, including a semester at Indiana University. Moreover, he has enjoyed a variety of professional training programs on consulting and leadership.

Besides his jobs and training, he has entertained several voluntary side activities. These include being a board member at the Rotterdams Ongedocumenteerden Steunpunt (providing help and services for migrants without legal status in Rotterdam), the Foundation Helderheid 5314 that aims to empower youth in Rotterdam, Lokaal Rotterdam which aims to improve the relation between politics and civilians in Rotterdam, the PvdA Rotterdam and the Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde (an association for professionals in Public Administration).

“Together, we face a number of great challenges to develop our world further in a sustainable way. Both environmentally as well as societally, governments and businesses share a responsiblity to create a better world. Taking these responsibilities is no easy matter, however, and places great demands on our current and future leaders. In the IAB, I look forward to bring national and international perspectives together, and also both a business and societal perspective, so the programms of the NSM can be tailored to prepare for leadership that is future-proof.”