About the faculty

On behalf of all our faculty, staff and students, welcome to the Nijmegen School of Management.

As the new dean of the school, I am extremely proud of our commitment to responsible governance for sustainable societies as our mission. We aim to provide high quality, innovative knowledge about how management and governance in organisations and societies affect future-proofing and realisation of multiple values, including social, economic, ecological sustainability, safety, justice, freedom and social opportunities.

Based on our culture of unity in diversity, Nijmegen School of Management developmental direction is embedded in our motto of ‘co-creating knowledge for society’. Societies are in need of critical reflection, new perspectives and scientific validated, multidisciplinary knowledge, which can be used to solve complex problems. The motto inspires new bridges between disciplines and researchers. It underlines the importance of interaction of academia with organisations and society and by mobilising the disciplinary diversity presented by the breadth of the school and our work with our partners.

The faculty houses an unique combination of interdisciplinary research strength leading to impact on both management education and practice. Our academic strength through the seven disciplines: Business Administration, Public Administration, Economics and Business Economics, Environmental Governance and Politics, Spatial Planning, Political Science and Human Geography. This combination offers innovative opportunities for disciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration. Our Hot Spots are instruments for multi- and transdisciplinary research and management education and offer platforms to strengthen our connections to business and society.

Our teaching equips students with the skills to become globally employable graduates who can act responsible in acquiring, generating and disseminating knowledge and applying these insights to assess the practical implications in societies and organisations. Our strong commitment to societal challenges and the development of responsible leadership through curricular and extra-curricular delivery, including cross disciplinary streams of study provide students with the skills to differentiate themselves in the competitive job market and the ability to understand and interpret practice in creating value for society.

With its beautiful green campus, set close to the centre of the university town of Nijmegen, the Nijmegen School of Management would like to work together with you! In the modern Elinor Ostrom Building, where all facilities are close together, staff and students can work, study, meet up and relax. This great building helps to interact among the diversity of disciplines and look for the most interesting and productive combinations of approaches to applications for management research, education and practice, and in supporting our belief that ‘you have a part to play’.

Professor Tom Elfring
Dean of the Nijmegen School of Management