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Checklist employment conditions interview - Preparation

  1. Make sure you know who will be conducting the interview and find out as much as you can about their position within the organisation.
  2. Make sure you are familiar with the employment conditions listed in the vacancy before the interview. Read through the collective labour agreement and salary scales, if available.
  3. Run an online search for the average salary for similar jobs for people with your education and work experience. Assume all figures represent gross amounts. Do not forget to add a thirteenth month, profit distribution, and bonus, and base your calculations on a 40-hour work week.
  4. Make an inventory of your current and desired employment conditions, including holiday allowance, leave days, thirteenth month, profit distribution, expenses allowance, commuting allowance, study costs, mobile telephone, laptop and/or tablet, working from home, and relocation allowance.
  5. Think of possible solutions for points where you expect disagreement. There is usually some room for negotiation, and you may be able to exchange one condition for another.
  6. Map your added value for the organisation. What are your strengths? Why are you a valuable addition to the organisation?
  7. Expect the unexpected. What do you think you may find difficult during the interview? Prepare for all potential interview scenarios, so you do not feel overwhelmed during the interview.
  8. Be aware of your negotiation style. Every negotiator has a personal style, a way of responding that comes most naturally to them. Getting to know your own style and recognising other people’s styles will help you have more influence in the salary negotiations.

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