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Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy and top-quality designs for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects. With a staff of more than 1.400 specialist, we are part of the top ten Dutch engineering and consultancy firms. Every year, we work on more than 4.000 projects. In our projects and design assignments, our seven sustainable design principles help us to truly embed sustainability. The sustainable design principles are helpful in tackling the impact of climate change, efficient and sustainable use of resources, protecting the environment and biodiversity, as well as the promotion of integrated chain management and (public) participation. In this way, we can maximise both the impact of our solutions and our contribution to the themes that are relevant for us.

Every Witteveen+Bos'er wants to make a useful contribution. That is why talent development is a priority in our organisation and for that reason we encourage our employees to make their dreams and ambitions a reality. Although we have different specialist disciplines, all Witteveen+Bos'ers are working on the basis of a shared passion and a desire to make the world a better place. In a global network, we combine our talents, share knowledge, like to collaborate and, importantly, we enjoy the work we do.

You will be working in multidisciplinary teams consisting of colleagues from all over our organization and within one of our 4 areas of expertise: water, infrastructure, environment and construction.

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Visit our website www.witteveenbos.com where you can find information about our vacancies, internships and thesis possibilities.

Contact: Lisa Groot

lisa.groot@witteveenbos.com, +316 38189136

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