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17 April from 09:30 - 11:15

Negotiating is something you do together. You give something and you take something. It takes a certain skill and we are honest; sometimes you are more successful than others. For example, you need something from someone else: a favour, a job or an internship. Or you want to get something done from someone else, such as someone taking your place on a committee. What is the balance between give and take and how do you get yourself and the other person to move? And even though you know you are sometimes right, you don't always get it. Two consultants from Nautus who work daily with administrators, aldermen and stakeholders of municipalities will teach you the tricks of the trade. Can anyone do it? Yes. The right SKILLS will get you a long way. With good listening, a social antenna and the understanding that conceding something is not a loss, you will become a negotiator!

Visit the workshop from Nautus on 17 April from 09:30 - 11.15!

*Please note that this workshop will be given in Dutch.

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