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Project management

During your studies you probably don’t spend much time learning the basics of project management. A missed opportunity according to us! Whether you end up in consultancy, working for (local) government or in research: project management is a skill that will be required of you. Even during your studies being able to successfully apply the skill ‘project management’ KWINK group get you a long way.

At KWINK group, we tackle complex issues in the public sector. Our consultants work on multiple projects at once. This means we have to be able to juggle multiple projects successfully. At our workshop you will receive the tools to apply this yourself, while discovering your own personal strengths and ‘improvement’ areas. At this 1.5-hour interactive workshop on 17 April from 13:30 - 15:00 KWINK Group takes you through the process of delivering successful projects, using interesting cases from their own experience as consultants in the public sector.

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