IMR Academy Seminar: The shortest history of democracy – reflections on the radical potential of democracy, with professor John Keane (Seminar)

Tuesday 1 November 2022Add to my calendar
12:00 to
EOS N 1.350
IMR Academy and Hot Spot Sustainable Democracy

On Tuesday 1 November political thinker John Keane is visiting the Nijmegen School of Management. John Keane is Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney (UoS) and the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB). He is the co-founder and director of the Sydney Democracy Network (SDN). He is widely known for his creative thinking on the state of democracy, engaging with a wide-variety of topics such as post-truth and democracy; the rise, fall and (alleged) death of democracies; as well (un)democratic politics in China.

In this research seminar he will be interviewed by political scientist Andrej Zaslove. They will discuss his work and zoom in on his latest book The Shortest History of Democracy in which he reflects on the radical potential of democracy. The interview will be followed by a Q&A-session; lunch will be served.

Mark Wiering

Please register here before 27 October, 12.00 pm.