Second societal dialogue: contribute to Radboud sustainability policy

Thursday 26 January 2023Add to my calendar
10:30 to

The Hot Spot will organize a second societal dialogue, following the first dialogue we had with the Green Office in October. It was a success, and now the people in charge of the sustainability policy at the central level would like to work with us as well.

This opportunity is important for us all as a hotspot:
(1) it will be a possibility to contribute in a meaningful way to the transformations at the University.
(2) It will be a possibility to identify and set up possibilities for long-term collaboration between TransAct and the Sustainability Office in terms of research and teaching (e.g., setting up a living lab on transformative governance, evaluating the impact of different governance instruments, monitoring sustainability performances, applying and experimenting with new methods and approach at university level).
Marije Klomp, in charge of the sustainability policy at Radboud, is working on a plan she has to finalize in April 2023. We intend to collaborate in a structural way. So, the societal dialogue will be focused on two main aspects:
  • Discuss the sustainability policy for Radboud, especially in terms of governance, leadership, collaborations
  • Discuss our respective commitments on how to collaborate in the next years (PhD project, living labs, theses, workshops, data collection, etc.)

We hope to see many of you there, as it is an important milestone to transform our campus.