GLOCAL lecture: Reconceptualizing ‘people on the move’ beyond ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’

Wednesday 31 May 2023Add to my calendar
12:30 to
EOS 01.750
Dr. Annick Pijnenburg and Dr. Marieke van Houte

Migrants. Refugees. Asylum seekers. Displaced. Expats. Tourists. The labelling of people on the move is a conundrum central to the field of migration studies.Policy and law provide exhaustive definitions to categorize people on the move upon that subsequently underpin administrative and moral regulatory systems. At the same time, every migration scholar is aware of the empirical complexities and thus the artificiality of these labels and categories.This elephant in the room of migration studies has profound theoretical and real-world implications.In the first session of GLOCAL’s lecture series on interdisciplinary migration studies, human rights scholar Dr. Annick Pijnenburg therefore explores the legal potential to move beyond binary categorizations of people on the move.Social scientist Dr. Marieke van Houte reflects on these innovations from the perspective of her own qualitative, fieldwork-driven work.

Lunch will also be provided